7 Reasons to Love Small RVs and Travel Trailers

The Hunt HouseCar, one of the first small RVsWhat would you do with the freedom to travel and live anywhere you could reach by road? Every thought about buying a new RV? That’s the kind of lifestyle an RV (recreational vehicle) provides to its owners, and  small RVs are even better than their larger cousins for several reasons! When you have the ability to travel nearly anywhere in the world and not pay for accommodations, traveling becomes a question of “Why not?” rather than “Why?” Here are seven reasons small RVs absolutely rock.

1. They’re a portable cabin.

How many times during the middle of a hectic work week have you thought, “I wish I lived in the mountains away from all this insanity?” That’s what a small RV allows you to do. Acting much like a cabin on wheels, a small RV provides the same cozy feeling of a cabin with the mobility of a car.

Small RVs mean “Home is Where You Park It”

Anytime you feel like living in a new location, you disconnect the RV, sit behind the wheel, and drive off into the sunset – literally.

2. RVs can be more fuel efficient than big trucks with travel trailers.

What small RVs may lack in size, they make up for in efficiency. It requires much less fuel to get a small motorhome or class B RV moving than it does to get a Class C or a diesel Super C going, and less electricity to keep them comfortable almost all year round. If you’re traveling from place to place, you don’t need as much space anyway.

Small travel trailers can be fuel efficient, too

1956 Propert Trailaway Travel Trailers on Display

Travel Trailers at the National Museum of Australia, Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Adopt a minimalist mindset and watch how the benefits of small motorhomes, travel trailers and RVs far outweigh the few downsides they may have.

3. Small RVs are easier to maneuver.

One of the main complaints people have in reference to large vehicles of any kind, not just RVs, is the difficult that comes with driving and parking them. While larger than most sedans, small RVs, camping trailers, travel trailers and toy haulers are much easier to drive around and park than their larger cousins like fifth wheels. They’re much easier to fit into parking spaces than larger vehicles, and the smaller size allows you to access roads that might otherwise be off limits to a large RV.

4. RVs encourage living small.

If you’ve ever struggled with building up a massive amount of clutter, an RV can help to combat that. When you lack the space to keep a massive collection of items, it becomes easier to pare down your worldly possessions to the bare minimum. Because even the best small RV only provides enough space for a small amount of clothing, cooking items, and a few assorted sentimental items, you have no choice but to purchase less or place what you have in storage.

5. Small RVs are more affordable.

Large RVs can cost a lot more money than small RVs, mostly due to size and various features that come with them. Travel trailers combat this by offering cheaper, more affordable options that make them accessible to people with tighter budgets. This means that older couples who want to travel, but lack the funds to spend half the year in a vacation home and the other half in a more permanent home can now travel around freely and enjoy the retired life.

6. RVs can be safer than a home.

In the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, you’re much safer living in an RV than not. The shocks and suspension system of an RV might eliminate some of the risks from an earthquake, while a hurricane can simply be driven away from. If the area you find yourself in isn’t safe, you can go somewhere else. This is vastly different from owning a home, where structure is stationary and in a single place; owning an RV makes it easier to leave whenever you want to. Just open up the Google Maps Trip Planner, enter your destination and go!

7. RV living is a more social lifestyle.

When you live in an RV, you’ll typically stop at RV campgrounds – facilities designed to support the power needs of a large community of RVs. However, this also puts you in very close contact with your neighbors. If you own an RV, it’s already a point of conversation between you and someone else, which makes this lifestyle a very social one. You’ll run into many other unique RV enthusiasts who are eager to sit down and talk with you about your mobile home, whether you live in a large RV, a small RV, a travel trailer, or a converted van.

There you go – seven reasons why RVs are awesome. It’s not always easy to get started with that sort of lifestyle, but once you do, you’ll love it. Living in small RVs and travel trailers can really give you a sense of freedom that is hard to beat!