BIM Design Vs Conventional 2D Design

Technological advances versus the normal – it is an age-old dilemma. Which one is healthier? Properly, within the case of the BIM design versus conventional 2D design debate, even traditionalists are voting for the evident advantages of BIM design utilizing architectural CAD services. As a number of layers of BIM design advantages are unveiled, the best way ahead turns into ever clearer. Figuring out how and why BIM design is a extra fascinating methodology might be important to elevated income within the AEC (structure, engineering and development) trade.

Firstly, what can we imply by BIM design?

An clever 3D model-based course of, Constructing Data Modelling, or BIM, gives perception and instruments to AEC professionals in order that they’ll effectively design buildings and infrastructure, whereas including knowledge (info) to the fashions to be used downstream. The BIM course of includes the creation, evolution and monitoring of digital representations of the bodily and useful elements of constructing design. This course of is enabled by way of the era of BIM information containing massive quantities of knowledge which might be seen, modified or communicated to all stakeholders in a undertaking. BIM software program can be utilized to design water, refuse, electrical energy, fuel, communication utilities in addition to roads, bridges, tunnels, and so forth. The BIM course of isn’t restricted to producing simply 3D fashions, however it could present extra dimensions, resembling 4D (time), 5D (price) and 6D (as-built operation). Because the BIM course of covers such a variety of features, its advantages are many.

Advantages of BIM Design


  • Improved High quality – At any given time of the design course of, BIM allows a big diploma of flexibility. The design might be completely explored and adjusted. Time for coordination and handbook checking are minimised, permitting different duties to be accomplished.
  • Elevated Velocity – Design and documentation might be carried out concurrently utilizing the BIM course of. Subsequently, schedules, diagrams, drawings, estimations, worth engineering, planning and different types of communication are generated whereas the design course of is ongoing, saving time.
  • Decreased Value – Smaller technical groups can deal with work beforehand carried out by bigger groups, resulting in decreased miscommunication and fewer price. Due to better doc high quality and simpler planning, money and time are saved on processes.

And now, what’s 2D design? 

Design parts in 2D design, as its title suggests, are solely portrayed in two dimensions, size and width. Typical paperwork of 2D design encompass the floor plan, the view and the part.

The floor plan consists of the constructing define, rooms, structural parts (partitions, and so forth.), furnishings, dimensions, altitudes, uncovered areas, openings (doorways, home windows), all drawn to scale and as they might be seen from above. Fixtures, resembling sinks, water heaters, furnaces, and so forth., may additionally be included, in addition to notes for development. Floor plans are required to make views and sections.

A piece is a 2D drawing of what a constructing would seem as if it was lower down the center vertically to disclose the inside view. It could present steps, doorways, home windows, and so forth. Part drawings and floor plans are of the identical scale.

A view relies on vantage level. Sometimes, there are entrance views, again views, left and proper views. A view will encompass floor part strains, seen structural parts, resembling doorways, home windows, balconies, partitions, furnishings and even vegetation.

Advantages of 2D Design

When design moved from conventional paper drawings to digital 2D, sketches and drawings turned simpler and quicker to generate and share. Engaged on a worldwide scale turned more and more simpler and simpler.

Drawbacks of 2D Design

Design in 2D is proscribed resulting from its nature, and drawings can’t totally discover the huge vary of design choices correctly. Restricted info or knowledge might be included in 2D design.

So, how does BIM design evaluate with 2D design? A few of the key areas the place BIM design scores over 2D design are:


There’s a large amount of knowledge accessible, resembling aerial imagery, digital elevations and laser scans of current constructions, with BIM design that may be compiled and shared in a model, not like something that 2D drawings convey.

Much less Rework

Engaged on a shared model means there’s much less rework and duplication of drawings. With extra info than a 2D drawing, every self-discipline can annotate and connect with the undertaking in BIM design. With quicker instruments, BIM design allows a database to be hosted that helps stakeholders know when there are adjustments or updates, minimising rework.

Elevated Collaboration

With a digital workflow, extra features make collaboration simpler with BIM design than with 2D design. Many of those features are delivered within the cloud, BIM 360/Collaboration for Revit (C4R) being one of many options. Enter on undertaking adjustments might be reviewed and famous by all stakeholders, growing collaboration.

Correct Visualisation

Views of a undertaking in several light circumstances and calculating a constructing’s vitality efficiency are enabled by simulation instruments in BIM design. Extra evaluation and modelling might be carried out for efficient undertaking design. Renders are created simply in 3D for marketing functions and to achieve approvals.

Improved Battle Decision

Parts from completely different disciplines can conflict sooner or later, as an illustration {an electrical} conduit working right into a duct or a beam. With BIM design, clashes are recognized at an early stage, decreasing on-site clashes. This design methodology additionally helps guarantee prefabricated elements match appropriately into beforehand designed areas you could check here.

Correct Course of

BIM design allows the method of design to be coordinated and in the appropriate sequence, with the appropriate supplies and sources for better effectivity.

Work Sooner

Because the BIM design course of includes sharing plans, sections, elevations and reviews and updates with the whole undertaking crew, the general design course of turns into quicker than with a 2D design methodology.

Simpler Accessibility

The BIM design model is linked to a big database, which might be hosted within the cloud. Utilizing BIM 360 software program allows this info to be accessed on any gadget, from any location.

Extra Efficient Communication

Utilizing 2D design, many separate paperwork are wanted to get an entire view of the undertaking. With BIM design, all paperwork are in a single view, permitting higher communication.

Finally, 2D CAD services and 3D BIM services are each efficient in the course of the course of design, however some great benefits of BIM services are too nice to disregard. With the straightforward availability of offshore BIM consulting services, each 3D BIM design and consultancy might be procured simply, reliably and at a worthwhile price.